Belajar Bahasa Inggris melalui Video-Video Drama Berbahasa Inggris

By | August 19, 2020

Berikut  adalah video-video program Living English dari, pelajaran Bahasa Inggris melalui video drama (Living English) berjudul “Sister’s and Brothers”, dengan video-video tersebut kita bisa gunakan untuk belajar Bahasa Inggris. Video-video program Living ini terdiri dari 42 Video seri yang memperlihatkan Bahasa Inggris yang digunakan dalam situasi sehari-hari :

Episode 1: Pleased to meet you

Anne, a wine dealer from Singapore, arrives at Adelaide Airport and meets her local buyer, Sarah.

Episode 2: Enjoy Your Stay

Sarah and Mark take Anne to her hotel. She checks in.

Episode 3: What time is it?

In her hotel room, Anne rings a number. John Barbour, the private detective, answers the phone.

Episode 4: Second on the Left

Anne is looking for John’s office. A woman is waiting at a bus stop. Anne approaches her.

Episode 5: Are you married?

Anne describes her brother to the private investigator.

Episode 6: He didn’t write

Anne explains to the private investigator how she lost contact with her brother.

Episode 7: Come to Lunch

Sarah invites Ane to meet her family.

Episode 8: This is my brother

Anne goes to Sarah’s house for lunch.

Episode 9: The most beautiful city

Anne and Steve have lunch and talk about differences.

Episode 10: What’s the matter?

Sarah finds out Anne’s secret mission.

Episode 11: Let me Help

Sarah offers to help Anne.

Episode 12: The day after tomorrow

Anne and Sarah plan a meeting.

Episode 13: What are you doing tomorrow?

Steve makes a date with Anne.

Episode 14: Are there some kangaroos?

Anne and Steve go to a Wildlife Park.

Episode 15: A big grey one

Steve and Anne explore the park.

Episode 16: What Would you Like?

Anne and Steve have lunch.

Episode 17: I usually catch a bus

Anne and Steve talk about their different lives.

Episode 18: There’s a message for you

Anne returns to the hotel, to find a message.

Episode 19: I haven’t found him

John tells Anne of his progress in finding her brother.

Episode 20: You walk sadly

Anne catches a bus to the University.

Episode 21: Single trip or Daytrip?

Anne talks to the bus driver.

Episode 22: Look after yourself

Anne mmets with a Professor at the University.

Episode 23: If I were You

The Professor advises Anne on what to do next.

Episode 24: The Most Expensive Wine

Anne and Sarah are tasting wines. The winemaker, Tim, is explaining the different varieties.

Episode 25: How many prawns?

Anne goes shopping at the Market.

Episode 26: I thought I saw him

Anne meets Steve unexpectedly at the market.

Episode 27: It’s made of gold

Anne sees John and describes her brother’s possessions.

Episode 28: You should relax

Anne goes to the doctor.

Episode 29: Do you have a wok?

Sarah shows Anne her kitchen.

Episode 30: First, fry the prawns

Anne cooks a meal.

Episode 31: That was Delicious

The family praise Anne for her meal.

Episode 32: He says he knows my brother

David tells Anne what he knows.

Episode 33: Who Wants to Know?

Anne, Steve and Sarah look for David at the Market stall.

Episode 34: You were going too fast

Sarah, Anne and Steve get pulled over for speeding.

Episode 35: This is the house

They arrive at David’s house.

Episode 36: This is your nephew

Anne meets her brother’s family.

Episode 37: I had to find a job

David tells his story.

Episode 38: You Should Ring Your Parents

They discuss what David should do.

Episode 39: How could you?

David talks to his father.

Episode 40: He said he loved me

David reports his conversation to the others.

Episode 41: If I like you

Anne, Sarah and Steve discuss the future.

Episode 42: See You Again

Anne, David and his family fly home.

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